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random 3rd date. the search for ciggies at the back alley. on missing someone and being missed.
missed connection part uno. brown bangs is getting uglier. thank god for sudden off day, i shall
re-attempt to do the hair. someone bought me a white dress with pink flowers on it. it's lacey. it's
beautiful. was told to wear it with my pink vans. yes, a punkrock wedding affair. truly truly ryn's
typical wedding. the only punkrock girl who is not in the scene. you are beautiful, nur sharyna.
and i am glad we are friends since the age of seven. congratulation to the union. and yes, i shall
drag that doraemon to the wedding. blueboy said hi to me today. amazingly amazed. i got blueboy,
doraemon, turtle & katak for friends. i love animals.
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