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8months ago, you thought you were going to lose me in a battle. a battlefield that leads to major destruction. yet never for one split second you leave me alone in that room. you held my hands so tightly, whispering every doa (ALHAMDULILAH) and breathing in good vibes for me to lead the life that GOD has granted me; 2nd chance. i have done the most incredible thing that could result you to have a full pledge heart attack. you could have disown me a million times but never have you flag the are such an angel that i am blessed with lots of chances. you are my heaven, are such an irritatant that if a day without you irritating me would be simply weird and awkward. i love you for irritating me but i guess, that's a job of a MOTHER. IRRITATE their kids to make them mature. i am the eldest yet the last to mature in the family. thank you again for always giving me the kick in the butt whenever i need it. thank you for your endless relationship jokes & advice. 8months ago, i thought i would go first before you. the tears in your eyes, i am sorry...IBU.

i am not the best daughter that GOD has bestowed you with. i am a failure in certain areas but you never for once reject me nor give up on me. thank you for without you, my life wouldn't be the way it is. thank you for always being there throught all the hurdle that i have been through. from first to the last, i would never trade you for any bands,friends,boyfriends or even future husband. you are my heaven and will always be my heaven. and i still love to irritate you nonetheless for i am your daughter who loves you and definitely is not good at expressing her love over material. thank you for having us, the kids. without you & OHPA(AAAAAYAH!), we would never see the twilight of the world. for that, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!

so for now, continue your job at irritating us. SARANG HAY EUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps; i love you every breathe that i exhaled & inhaled.

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